In the upcoming years, Algeria wants to increase its exports of hydrogen, particularly to European markets. And by tapping on the enormous potential it possesses in the areas of infrastructure and renewable energy.

The launch of the national plan for the growth of hydrogen in Algeria is part of the preparation for the export of hydrogen abroad, mainly to Europe, according to Miloud Muglad, the president of the National Committee for the Development of Hydrogen at the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Algeria intends to produce 40 terawatt hours of hydrogen by 2040 as part of its national hydrogen development strategy. This will yield one million tonnes of hydrogen when converted. or 10% of the demand in Europe. Algeria is becoming ready to manufacture this much and to sell it, particularly to markets in Europe.

Algeria has a lot of potential, making it qualified to take the lead in the hydrogen industry in the region. especially the massive electrical network and enormous solar potential. Additionally, there are infrastructures for shipping natural gas on a national and international scale. which could be used to export hydrogen in the future.

Additionally, Miloud Mojled highlights the numerous advantages that his nation enjoys, making it a prospective market for the export of hydrogen to Europe. On one side, its close vicinity is at the forefront; on the other, the future availability of petrol pipelines that can transport hydrogen.

Between 20 and 25 billion dollars had been set up in the nation’s budget for the use of green hydrogen. Finally, the minister in charge of energy stated that Europe’s present goal is to produce 10 million tonnes of energy while importing an equal amount from elsewhere. The Algerian market is one of the potential ones for Europe.

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