An partnership between Cepsa and Damas aims to advance the use of green hydrogen in intercity transportation and thereby advance sustainable mobility.

It aims to add buses powered by this sustainable fuel to the fleet of Damas vehicles, which will operate on various public transport lines in the provinces of Seville, Huelva, and Cadiz. It is the first alliance of these qualities at the national level.

In a first phase, Damas will add up to 10 buses powered by this energy to its fleet, with Cepsa providing the refueling infrastructure and green hydrogen. The routes these trucks will travel on are those that are physically adjacent to the Valle Andaluz del Hidrogeno Verde projects, where Cepsa plans to convert its refineries in Huelva and Cadiz into parks for renewable energy.

Huelva-Seville, Seville-Chipiona, Seville-Camas, Seville-Tomares, Huelva-Punta Umbrella, and Huelva-Puerto de Santa Mara are a few of these routes. In 2025, the first green hydrogen-powered buses are anticipated to operate on these routes. The growth to new areas and routes will also be evaluated by both businesses.

According to Cepsa, using green hydrogen-powered buses on these routes will stop the annual emission of 900,000 kg of CO2. Cepsa has set itself the goal of fostering the decarbonization of transportation in its 2030 “Positive Motion” policy, encouraging both electric mobility and the use of green hydrogen and second-generation biofuels.

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