Charbone Hydrogen Corporation has set the stage for a groundbreaking venture in the realm of green energy, marking its territory in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Through its US subsidiary, Charbone Corporation USA, the company has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NEK Community Broadband CUD, unlocking a new era in sustainable power solutions.

The primary goal of this strategic alliance is to supply green hydrogen to fuel the extensive NEK Broadband internet network. NEK Broadband, committed to providing affordable and high-speed broadband internet across Northeast Kingdom, Vermont, seeks to embrace innovative and sustainable backup power solutions, positioning itself as a pioneer in the region.

Charbone’s expertise in green hydrogen technology takes center stage in this venture. The envisaged hydrogen fuel cell backup system promises not only reliability in power supply for NEK Broadband but also marks a significant stride towards carbon neutrality. The technology, set to be deployed in the innovative backup system, positions NEK Broadband at the forefront of decarbonized solutions in the Northeast.

As the first in the northeast to adopt such a state-of-the-art decarbonized system, NEK Broadband sets a benchmark for environmental consciousness. The integration of green hydrogen not only ensures a continuous and reliable backup power supply but also aligns with the broader goals of achieving carbon neutrality. The collaboration between Charbone and NEK Broadband emerges as a beacon of sustainable practices in the evolving landscape of communication infrastructure.

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