Chart Industries, a global engineering design leader, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 8 Rivers Capital, a pioneering climate technology company. The collaboration intends to evaluate and synergize their respective technologies to propel the world towards a Net Zero energy future.

Chart Industries, renowned for its highly engineered equipment servicing the clean energy and industrial gas sectors, is set to leverage its expertise in designing and manufacturing advanced technologies to complement 8 Rivers’ innovative portfolio. With a mission to achieve Net Zero, 8 Rivers has carved a niche for itself by developing cutting-edge solutions like 8RH2, a revolutionary process that produces ultra-low carbon hydrogen with comprehensive carbon capture. Additionally, the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, another flagship creation of 8 Rivers, enables low-cost power generation from carbon-based fuels sans air emissions.

Through this strategic partnership, Chart Industries aims to become a preferred supplier for a spectrum of technologies essential to implementing 8 Rivers’ groundbreaking innovations. This includes a gamut of offerings ranging from liquefaction and refrigeration processes, cold boxes, heat exchangers, to liquid hydrogen storage tanks and trailers. With the collective wisdom and shared commitment to sustainability, the collaboration is poised to yield reliable and cost-effective solutions for a cleaner energy landscape.

Cam Hosie, the CEO of 8 Rivers, aptly expressed the significance of this partnership, highlighting the joint pursuit of net zero targets. The synergistic alignment of vision, expertise, and dedication to a sustainable future forms the bedrock of this collaboration. Chart Industries’ CEO and President, Jill Evanko, echoed the sentiment by emphasizing the strategic focus on gaseous and liquid hydrogen solutions that can play a pivotal role in propelling industries towards their net zero aspirations.

The partnership between Chart Industries and 8 Rivers Capital isn’t just a contractual agreement; it’s a stride towards reshaping the clean energy landscape. By amalgamating their pioneering technologies, the duo is poised to transform industries and drive the swift adoption of clean energy systems globally. As the clean energy movement gathers momentum, this partnership stands as a beacon of innovation and progress towards a sustainable future.

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