CS Energy has inked a deal with General Electric’s energy spin-off, GE Vernova, to provide hydrogen-ready peaking generation units for the cutting-edge 400MW Brigalow gas-fired peaking power plant. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in Queensland’s journey towards a sustainable energy future.

The primary goal of the Brigalow power plant is to integrate hydrogen-ready peaking generation units into its infrastructure. The 12 GE aeroderivative turbines, each boasting a 33MW capacity, are meticulously designed to operate on a hydrogen-blended gas mixture of up to 35%. Situated at CS Energy’s Kogan clean energy hub, adjacent to the existing 750MW Kogan coal-fired power plant, this initiative reflects Queensland’s commitment to diversify its energy portfolio.

The cornerstone of this collaboration is GE Vernova’s cutting-edge technology, enabling the power plant to seamlessly transition to hydrogen-infused gas. The turbines are engineered to harness the benefits of hydrogen, setting the stage for a cleaner and more sustainable energy generation process.

Queensland, a traditionally coal-dependent region and major coal exporter, is charting a course toward a renewable energy target of 70% by 2032. The Brigalow power plant is a key player in this transition, signaling Queensland’s commitment to diversify its energy mix and reduce reliance on coal-fired power by 2035.

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