At the Hyvolution trade show, FEV, a subsidiary of the Italian start-up NGV Powertrain, displayed a retrofit option for hydrogen engines. It should be incorporated into a first demonstrator for buses in 2024.

The engineering firm FEV is passionate about fuel cells and is also interested in hydrogen combustion engines. The 8.7 l 230 kW NGV-F087 h2 engine, which was initially based on a block from the FPT Industrial group, was unveiled at Hyvolution Paris 2023 by a firm affiliated with the Italian alternative engine expert NGV Powertrain.

The approach created by FEV and NGV Powertrain is intriguing because it is focused on transforming existing engines rather than replacing them.

The FPT engine may therefore be modified to run on hydrogen because it is currently found in thousands of buses under the Iveco and Heuliez brands. Both the gas and diesel variants of the FPT engine might be converted.

FEV and NGV Powertrain aim to be able to exhibit a first demonstration at the beginning of 2024, maybe in conjunction with the upcoming Hyvolution event, if the approval of the first kit does not occur before the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

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