Fives, a venerable industrial combustion expert with over a century of experience, has introduced the Hy-Ductflam, a pioneering 100% hydrogen duct burner.

As the world’s industries strive to minimize their carbon footprint, this innovation stands as a transformative solution for heating and drying processes globally. Let’s delve into the significance of this technological marvel, its potential to revolutionize environmental impact, and the challenges it aims to overcome.

The Hy-Ductflam™ emerges as a beacon of innovation, driven by the need for cleaner energy solutions. Hydrogen combustion presents a remarkable advantage: emitting zero carbon when burned. This breakthrough design heralds a decisive stride towards the decarbonization of industries reliant on heating and drying processes. As manufacturers seek alternatives to curb their environmental impact, the prospect of hydrogen combustion emerges as an alluring solution.

Fives has carved its legacy as a visionary entity, consistently a step ahead in understanding customer needs. The Hy-Ductflam™ embodies this ethos, enabling a seamless transition from 100% natural gas (NG) to 100% hydrogen (H2), all without necessitating equipment alterations. This versatility empowers manufacturers to adapt to cleaner fuel sources effortlessly, exemplifying Fives’ commitment to sustainable progress.

Consider a scenario where a paper plant adopts Fives’ Hy-Ductflam™ set to burn 100% hydrogen. The remarkable outcome: a staggering reduction of 170 kg of CO2 emissions per ton of paper produced. This transformative change translates to a substantial decrease in the plant’s carbon footprint—approximately by two-thirds. Fives’ innovation isn’t just about technological prowess; it’s about catalyzing substantial environmental change.

The Hy-Ductflam™ isn’t just a feat of environmental consciousness; it’s a testament to engineering excellence. Delivering remarkable mechanical reliability and high efficiency, this innovation accommodates a variety of duct configurations. Whether integrated into new installations or replacing standard duct burners, the Hy-Ductflam™ ensures minimal disruption and cost-effectiveness for manufacturers.

Francesco Giudici, General Manager at Fives ITAS, asserts, “Fives is at the forefront of hydrogen development and offers the largest range of hydrogen compatible burners on the market.” This statement encapsulates Fives’ commitment to not only addressing customer needs but also spearheading the hydrogen revolution. The introduction of the Hy-Ductflam™ is a testament to this dedication and sets the stage for future innovations in sustainable technology.

While the technology’s primary application lies in drying processes across industries like ceramics, minerals, and pulp, its potential ripples extend far beyond. This versatile solution can potentially find applications in various domains, including heat recovery boilers. As the world endeavors to harness hydrogen’s potential, the Hy-Ductflam™ serves as a stepping stone towards a cleaner, greener future.

Fives’ Hy-Ductflam™ emerges as a beacon of sustainable innovation, heralding a new era of cleaner industrial processes. This breakthrough technology transcends its immediate applications, paving the way for broader adoption of hydrogen combustion. As industries increasingly prioritize environmental responsibility, Fives stands as a testament to engineering prowess, environmental consciousness, and a commitment to shaping a more sustainable tomorrow.

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