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European Commission Launches Inaugural €800 Hydrogen Bank Auction

The European Commission’s recent announcement regarding its pilot auction for green hydrogen production has stirred considerable excitement within the renewable energy sector. With a whopping 132 bids submitted from projects spanning 17 European countries, the auction has the potential to significantly bolster the EU’s domestic green hydrogen production targets for 2030.

European Commission is set to open a series of tenders, with the first round offering 800 million euros in aid to community manufacturers. This initiative, part of the European Hydrogen Bank, aims to bolster the production of clean hydrogen, a crucial element in the EU’s ambitious climate targets.

The German wind association, BWO, is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative, calling for tenders on offshore electrolysers to propel green hydrogen production. The move comes in the wake of the 2022 revision of the German Offshore Wind Energy Act, WindSeeG, granting regulatory powers to the Climate Ministry.

TotalÉnergies has made an unprecedented call for tenders. The company is on a mission to procure a staggering 500,000 tons per year of green hydrogen, marking a significant step in its journey to eliminate carbon emissions from its oil refining activities across Europe.