Northern Africa's $17 Billion Renewable Energy Revolution

Northern Africa emerges as a prime hub for green hydrogen investments, attracting a staggering estimated investment of over US$17 billion. Industrial Info Resources, headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, reveals insights into this burgeoning sector, tracking 25 green hydrogen projects strategically positioned across Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia.

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In a landmark summit in St. John’s, Canadian and European leaders formalized a new “green alliance” with a focus on collaborative efforts to combat climate change. The strategic choice of Newfoundland and Labrador as the summit venue reflects the region’s pivotal role in burgeoning green hydrogen and critical minerals industries.

Eletronuclear's Clean Hydrogen Vision for Angra dos Reis

Eletronuclear has revealed plans to produce 100 tons of clean hydrogen annually through the operation of nuclear plants in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro. The project, presented in Brasília during a seminar on sustainable hydrogen, is positioned as a key contributor to global decarbonization efforts.

Green Hydrogen's Role in Thuringia's Industrial Evolution

Thuringia’s glass, ceramics, and metal industries are gearing up for a seismic shift as they embark on the ambitious journey of transitioning to renewable energies. The unveiling of groundbreaking insights from a two-year research project on the industrial application of green hydrogen, funded with approximately €400,000 by the Thuringian Ministry of Energy, promises to be a guiding light through this transformative period.

DENSO Pioneers Next-Gen Hydrogen Technology for Greener Tomorrow

DENSO, in a recent ‘Behind the Scenes’ exposé, produced in collaboration with NewsPicks Brand Design, sheds light on its ambitious quest to unlock the full potential of hydrogen, touted as the rising star of clean energy due to its capacity to release zero CO₂ when burned.