Trends in Hydrogen Investment in UAE, Interview with Jeffrey Beyer

Hydrogen investment in the UAE is growing but remains far below what’s needed for net zero goals. To shed light on the trends and developments in hydrogen investment in the UAE, we spoke with Jeffrey Beyer, an expert in the field, where he offered invaluable insights into the opportunities and challenges facing hydrogen investment in the UAE.

CALSTART Reports Significant Growth in Fuel Cell Electric Buses

In a notable shift towards cleaner transportation, transit agencies in the United States and Canada have been making substantial progress in electrifying their fleets with zero-emission buses (ZEBs). According to the latest update from CALSTART’s “Zeroing in on ZEBs”, the landscape of ZEB adoption is evolving rapidly, showcasing promising advancements and key statistics.

AVL Racetech's Engine Redefines Automotive Power

A recent breakthrough in hydrogen engine technology by AVL Racetech is generating excitement and hope for the future of internal combustion engines (ICEs). This new development showcases the potential of hydrogen powertrains, offering a compelling alternative to traditional gasoline engines and electric vehicles.