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“The holy grail” of the energy future – hydrogen may soon have a very serious problem, which, if not solved quickly, will bring the whole “hydrogen revolution” to a halt for us. This is caused by the already absolute certainty that hydrogen in the Earth’s atmosphere reacts with tropospheric hydroxyl (OH) radicals. Therefore, its uncontrolled emission into the atmosphere disturbs the distribution and holds dangerously the decomposition of methane, ozone or water vapour, which can lead us, in the short term, to a possible climate cataclysm.

A new report prepared by the South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP) estimates India will reach an annual green hydrogen demand of 2.85 million metric tons (MMT) by 2030 if existing momentum in the public and private sectors for green hydrogen continues and announced projects get implemented. The report highlights that the fertilizer and export sectors will account for nearly 37% and 29% of the total 2.85 MMT green hydrogen demand, respectively.