H2 Genesis and GenH2 have agreed to work together to distribute liquid hydrogen across North America. The GenH2 LS20 Mobile Liquid Hydrogen System, an end-to-end hydrogen liquefication and storage system, will be deployed to multiple sites in the United States, starting with Florida, in their first joint venture between GenH2, as manufacturer, and H2 Genesis, as an owner-operator.

In order to develop the hydrogen economy, H2 Genesis, which was established in 2021, is committed to expanding access to the LH2 molecule for customers of all sizes. The objective of GenH2’s modular/flexible technology is to put liquid hydrogen in more people’s hands than ever before and to do so more quickly than current technologies. The delivery network will rapidly expand in the years after the 2023 delivery of the first LH2 molecule.

Asset creation, hydrogen distribution, and infrastructure operations and maintenance are the main areas of focus for H2 Genesis. By generating over 1,600 MWdc of renewable energy production and supplying around 145,000 kg of liquid hydrogen per day by 2028, H2 Genesis hopes to support the distributed hydrogen economy through its partnership with GenH2.

Ben Frickel, Managing Director of H2 Genesis, stated that “hub development must give access to all users, especially those from historically underrepresented communities or those with lesser yet vital requirements.” By offering a reliable supply of liquid hydrogen to scientists, inventors, and businesses, we hope to eliminate that bottleneck and enable them to maximize the applications of this potent molecule.

The LS20 uses substantially less space than the majority of liquid hydrogen systems currently on the market and can be used both as a stationary unit and as a mobile unit when mounted on a trailer. This portable technology will act as a catalyst for the creation of a vast network for the supply of liquid hydrogen. The products will be available in late 2023.

Greg Gosnell, president and chief executive officer of GenH2, continued, “We are looking forward to working with our partners at H2 Genesis to start our build-out in Florida and to expand nationwide and internationally.” When implemented, these solutions will be a cutting-edge improvement to the available options for advanced clean energy.

The LS20 can liquefy, store, and distribute liquid hydrogen from any source of gaseous hydrogen, including a storage tank or an electrolyzer, as a whole system. The LS20 also serves as a base for GenH2 systems with greater capacity, such as the 100 kg and 1,000 kg LH2 per day options.

The innovative mobile liquefaction, storage, and delivery modules described here are the first of their kind, according to Frickel. The creation of a vast network for the transport of liquid hydrogen by our company will be sped up by the mobile system.

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