Greenhill Energy has officially launched a visionary $425 million initiative to establish Australia’s inaugural fully integrated processing facility.

This facility aims to convert landfill waste and sustainable biomass into high-value products, including fertilizers, synthetic fuels, and, notably, low-cost clean hydrogen. The project, named The Riverbend Energy Hub, is set to redefine Australia’s approach to waste management and clean energy production.

The core objectives of The Riverbend Energy Hub revolve around transforming waste materials into valuable resources while significantly contributing to Australia’s decarbonization efforts. Greenhill Energy plans to leverage proven hydrogen processing and manufacturing technologies within a unique closed system. The waste-to-hydrogen facility will deploy a singular gasifier, capable of processing up to 60,000 tonnes of dry biomass or waste annually. This groundbreaking technology signifies a crucial leap in Australia’s pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

The waste-to-hydrogen facility is projected to divert an impressive 200,000 tonnes of waste from landfills annually within five years of operation. Beyond its environmental impact, the project is set to generate economic benefits, creating approximately 300 jobs during the construction phase. Once operational at full scale, the facility anticipates sustaining 50 to 100 direct jobs, with additional indirect job opportunities emerging through sustainable biomass development and related initiatives.

The initial phase of The Riverbend Energy Hub includes the construction of the gasifier, poised to become a central component in the waste-to-hydrogen conversion process. Simultaneously, an integrated power plant will be established, providing firm power to the wholesale electricity market. This not only addresses the need for continuous power supply but also supports the development of intermittent renewable energy generation types, aligning with Australia’s commitment to a diversified and sustainable energy landscape.

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