The global push for zero-emission mobility and sustainable hydrogen infrastructure is gaining momentum, and Hexagon Purus is poised to play a pivotal role in this transformative journey. The world-leading manufacturer of zero-emission mobility and hydrogen infrastructure solutions has just unveiled its latest manufacturing facility in Kassel, Germany, dedicated to producing cutting-edge hydrogen cylinders.

This development marks Hexagon Purus’ third new facility opening this year, underscoring its commitment to accelerating the green energy transition.

The state-of-the-art facility, spanning an impressive 83,000 square feet, is designed to support the annual production of over 40,000 type 4 high-pressure hydrogen cylinders. These cylinders are crucial components for fuel cell electric mobility and hydrogen infrastructure applications. The Kassel facility is not only a testament to Hexagon Purus’ commitment to innovation but also its dedication to job creation, with the potential to employ up to 300 highly skilled workers.

Hexagon Purus is well-aware of the increasing demand for hydrogen storage solutions as the world races to combat climate change. The new facility represents a significant expansion of the company’s existing manufacturing capacity for hydrogen cylinders. Moreover, it has been strategically designed to allow for future growth, with the building’s footprint capable of accommodating additional production lines. This foresight positions Hexagon Purus to scale its operations in line with the surging demand for sustainable hydrogen solutions.

Michael Kleschinski, Executive Vice President at Hexagon Purus, expressed his excitement about the Kassel facility’s opening. He stated, “This will play a central role in further developing Hexagon Purus as a world-class manufacturer of safe and reliable hydrogen cylinders. With this facility, we have the necessary capacity to meet the rapidly growing demand for our hydrogen infrastructure and mobility applications. We believe the demand for our offerings will continue to increase, and we now have the footprint to support future customer growth.”

Notably, the Kassel facility represents more than just expansion; it signifies Hexagon Purus’ commitment to driving the adoption of zero-emission mobility and sustainable hydrogen infrastructure on a global scale. The company’s innovative solutions have the potential to revolutionize industries, from transportation to industrial applications, by providing the storage and distribution infrastructure needed for green hydrogen.

Hexagon Purus’ journey to Kassel also includes the relocation of its hydrogen cylinder manufacturing from its former site, which was shared with Hexagon Composites. This move is a strategic step forward in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency as Hexagon Purus continues to lead the charge in the hydrogen revolution.

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