Hyundai Motor and Mubadala Investment, the sovereign wealth fund of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have joined forces to propel initiatives in hydrogen energy, green aluminum production, eco-friendly mobility solutions, and advanced air mobility.

The partnership, solidified at a signing ceremony in Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Tower, signifies a strategic move aligned with Mubadala’s overarching commitment to expanding its green portfolio, echoing the sustainability endeavors of other prominent UAE funds like the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Investment Corporation of Dubai.

At the core of this collaboration is the shared vision to pioneer advancements in hydrogen energy. The partnership will delve into innovative approaches to produce hydrogen from organic waste, showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices. Additionally, the exploration of using hydrogen in steel production underlines the multifaceted nature of the collaboration, addressing key areas of environmental impact within industries.

In the realm of green aluminum production, the partnership aims to manage the complete lifecycle of aluminum, from its initial production phases to recycling. The emphasis on utilizing renewable energy sources throughout this process underscores the commitment to a circular economy and reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional aluminum production methods.

The agreement encompasses a spectrum of initiatives in the domain of eco-friendly mobility. This includes the establishment of electric vehicle charging stations in the Iberian Peninsula, the creation of a hydrogen ecosystem, provision of hydrogen-fueled commercial vehicles, and the development of e-fuels synthesized from renewable resources like biomass or renewable electricity. Such a comprehensive approach reflects a commitment to diversifying sustainable transportation solutions.

The partnership extends its vision to advanced air mobility, envisioning a network of electric-powered, automated aircraft seamlessly transporting people and cargo across urban, suburban, and rural landscapes. This ambitious goal aligns with the broader industry shift towards more environmentally friendly transportation technologies, heralding a new era in aerial mobility.

Beyond the realms of energy and mobility, the collaboration will explore enhancing Hyundai’s digital financial capabilities, including fintech solutions. This forward-looking approach acknowledges the integral role of technology in shaping the future landscape of financial services.

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