Through its R&D and business portfolio, which is centered on three business divisions, namely Rail Solution, Defense Solution, and Ecoplant, Hyundai Rotem will pursue the global market. By adapting to the quickly shifting global environment and securing products that include cutting-edge technology based on the 4th industrial revolution, it is concentrating on developing future growth engines.

First and foremost, the development of domestic and international railways is due to a rail solution division based on technology. We are actively entering the market with a focus on high-tech, environmentally sustainable water consumption, and high-speed trains.

Currently, Hyundai Rotem is working to expand the high-speed train market by emphasizing high-speed trains with cutting-edge power distribution. The power-distributed high-speed train, which has a high passenger carrying capacity and quick acceleration and deceleration, is gaining popularity in the worldwide high-speed rail market. Each vehicle that makes up the train is fitted with a power source.

Hyundai Rotem created the HEMU-430X research and development vehicle in 2012 and acquired power-distributed high-speed train technology. With the commercialization of KTX-Joint using this technology in 2021, related competitiveness will rise. It intends to establish a long-term growth foundation by approaching international markets for domestically made high-speed trains based on its successful commercialization performance in Korea.

By creating hydrogen-powered railway trains, Hyundai Rotem helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is already preparing for the future growth of the market for environmentally friendly water use. We hope to construct hydrogen electric trams this year and lay the groundwork for their commercialization through the current hydrogen electric tram demonstration project. When hydrogen fuel cells are operating, the hydrogen-electric tram from Hyundai Rotem filters the air, which has resulted in creating clean air in the city. To further its competitiveness in this area, Hyundai Rotem will develop a series of hydrogen-based railway vehicles beginning with hydrogen-electric trams. We intend to create a 100 km/h class hydrogen fuel cell train in the future. The objective is to create a range of environmentally friendly trains powered by hydrogen, from high-speed trains that can go at 160 km/h to hydrogen fuel cell locomotives.

Also, Hyundai Rotem is a considerably growing market for defense products used abroad, such as the K2 tank. It is promoting unmanned systems that use cutting-edge technology, such as unmanned vehicles like the K2 tank, which is renowned for its ability to compete both domestically and internationally.

The most recent K2 tank is now being mass-produced and has been electrified in Korea. It was successful in exporting to Poland last year, and it has continued to produce successful outcomes like exporting the first full tank ever. Based on this, Hyundai Rotem is attempting to increase the K2 tank market in Europe and the Middle East by focusing on consumers.

In particular, Hyundai Rotem’s unmanned system product line is a multi-purpose unmanned vehicle that meets the need for unmanned vehicles from the global defense industry. The multi-purpose unmanned vehicle is an electrically powered unmanned platform that can be managed with various tools depending on the purpose. Its main feature is its ability to drive independently at the route point, including remote driving, dependent driving, and autonomous driving. After a year of field testing, our military received the multipurpose unmanned vehicle from Hyundai Rotem. It is the first unmanned military vehicle in Korea and has won praise for its innovation and dependability. To meet anticipated market demands and lay the groundwork for future growth, Hyundai Rotem will keep enhancing its unmanned system competitiveness.

Hyundai Rotem’s ecoplant business unit’s primary goal is to use smart logistics strategies and environmentally friendly hydrogen energy to build the foundation for long-term growth. With the newest automation facility supply capabilities for the manufacturing of mobility products like automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous driving robots (AMRs), and automatic warehouses, as well as logistics efficiency, we are launching a smart logistics business market. Hyundai Rotem acquires knowledge on the effectiveness of logistics in factories and provides various transportation facilities required for production facilities to major automakers at home and overseas.

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