Infinium has entered into a long-term agreement with Kinetik Holdings’ subsidiary, a midstream energy company.

The agreement entails the purchase of captured carbon dioxide (CO2) from Kinetik’s gas gathering and processing system located in the Permian Basin. This CO2 will be employed as a feedstock in the production of ultra-low carbon electrofuels (eFuels).

Produced using a proprietary process that utilizes waste CO2 and renewable green hydrogen, Infinium’s eFuels offer a long-term solution with substantial decarbonization benefits. The agreement represents a milestone in the energy sector, showcasing the possibility of using waste streams such as CO2 in a beneficial way.

Robert Schuetzle, Infinium CEO, lauded the partnership, stating it displays how eFuels production and utilization can benefit all parties involved in the energy industry. He particularly acknowledged Kinetik’s leadership in rethinking traditional carbon emissions strategies of the oil and gas sector.

The contract outlines the allocation of CO2 from one of Kinetik’s amine gas processing facilities in West Texas to Infinium. It will be employed in Project Roadrunner, delivering products into both U.S. and international markets. The main product, Infinium eSAF, is a sustainable aviation fuel with the potential to significantly cut the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with air transportation.

Kinetik’s President and CEO, Jamie Welch, emphasized Kinetik’s commitment to sustainability and change. Project Roadrunner is the first step of Kinetik’s New Energy Ventures, signaling the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and advancing low-carbon technologies.

Earlier, Infinium had announced a $75 million equity endorsement from Breakthrough Energy Catalyst for Project Roadrunner. The first of its kind, this commercial project aims to advance emerging climate technologies. American Airlines was named as the first partner for eSAF produced at Project Roadrunner, setting an example for long-term, innovative agreements that contribute to decarbonization across industries.

Operating the world’s first commercial scale eFuels facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, Infinium is performing over a dozen developmental projects globally.

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