Iveco Group and Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled the first IVECO BUS E-WAY H2 at Busworld 2023 in Brussels. This new hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric bus is another concrete result of the mutually beneficial partnership the two companies announced in March 2022 and reflects their commitment to accelerate the transition towards net zero carbon mobility and transport.

The E-WAY H2 is a 12-meter-long low-floor city bus equipped with a 310-kW e-motor and an advanced fuel cell system provided by HTWO, a fuel cell system-based hydrogen business brand of Hyundai Motor Group. With four tanks offering a combined storage of 7.8 kg of hydrogen and one 69 kWh battery pack by FPT Industrial, Iveco Group’s brand specialised in powertrain technologies, the vehicle offers a driving range of 450 km under normal operating conditions.

The E-WAY H2 allows for both hydrogen refueling and plug-in battery charging. Developed by IVECO BUS, this hybrid mid-power concept not only optimises the way the vehicle is charged, but also helps the on-board battery pack and fuel cell system to achieve their highest efficiency and durability.

The E-WAY H2 will be produced in the IVECO BUS plants in Annonay, France, and Foggia, Italy.

The Iveco BUS E-WAY H2 is a promising new hydrogen bus that has the potential to make a significant impact on the urban transportation sector. It offers a number of advantages over traditional diesel buses, including zero emissions, a long driving range, fast refueling, and reduced maintenance costs.

The main challenges facing the E-WAY H2 are the high cost of hydrogen buses and the lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure. However, these challenges are expected to be addressed in the coming years as the technology matures and governments and businesses invest in hydrogen infrastructure.

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