FORVIA’s division Faurecia opens Anting Town HQ

Recently, in Anting Town, Jiading District, Faurecia (Shanghai) Hydrogen Investment Co Ltd, a division of FORVIA, the seventh-largest automotive technology supplier globally, celebrated its inauguration ceremony.

With the company’s functioning, FORVIA has taken a big step toward growing its hydrogen energy industry in China.

The six industries that FORVIA operates in are seats, interiors, electronics, clean mobility, lighting, and lifecycle solutions. These industries are all leaders in their respective fields on a global scale. Hydrogen energy has emerged as the focal point of FORVIA’s carbon neutrality approach in recent times.

Australia’s first hydrogen tractor to be delivered by middle of the year

Australia’s $50 million investment in sustainable agriculture research should see the country’s first hydrogen tractor delivered by the middle of the year.

Charles Sturt University and business are partnering to test the tractor in an Australian terrain after it is brought in from Europe.

Citybus puts Hong Kong’s first hydrogen bus into service

On February 25, Citybus formally put the city’s first-ever hydrogen bus into service. The double-decker bus will run six to eight times a day on Route 20, which passes through the crowded areas of Kowloon City, Yau Tsim Mong, and Sham Shui Po, for the first month. In the following phase, it will run on two more routes, 20A and 22M.

Daimler Truck utilizing sLH2 in Wörth

Daimler Truck remains committed to meeting the political climate targets. By 2039, the entire fleet ought to be carbon neutral. Still, it would be incorrect to rely solely on electric vehicles. Daimler is utilizing sLH2 as an additional remedy.

This hydrogen is liquid and frozen, and it may be refueled similarly to diesel. Not far from the truck manufacturer’s factory in Wörth is currently the first public sLH2 filling station.

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