With its Hydrogen Bus and in technical collaboration with Reliance, Olectra Greentech (OGL), a division of Megha Engineering and Infrastructures (MEIL), plans to provide the next-generation transportation system to the Indian market.

An entirely carbon-free substitute for conventional public transportation is the hydrogen bus. Olectra has taken the initiative to hasten the development of hydrogen-powered buses in response to the depletion of natural resources and the detrimental effects of air pollution and emissions.

The Indian government will benefit from this project in its pursuit of carbon-free hydrogen. Via its Hydrogen buses, Olectra seeks to support the country’s environmentally sound energy security.

The 12-meter low-floor bus can accommodate 32 to 49 people and one driver seat, depending on the configuration. The bus can drive up to 400 kilometres on a single hydrogen fill. It just takes roughly 15 minutes to traverse this distance with hydrogen.

These buses only emit water through their tailpipes when it comes to emissions. This is the primary selling point for gradually replacing outdated diesel and gasoline systems with these environmentally friendly buses.

Type-4 hydrogen cylinders are installed on the roof of the bus as part of the system. The cylinders can endure temperatures of -20 to +85 degrees Celsius as well. Within a year, Olectra hopes to put these buses on the market.

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