Plug Power has recently secured a significant contract to supply hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell solutions to a major U.S. automobile manufacturer.

The primary goal of the collaboration between Plug Power and the U.S. automobile manufacturer is to integrate hydrogen fuel cell technology into the manufacturer’s material handling fleet, including forklifts and tuggers, across its sprawling manufacturing campus. By replacing traditional battery solutions with hydrogen fuel cells, the aim is to enhance operational efficiency, maximize fleet uptime, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with material handling operations.

Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cells serve as a direct replacement for battery-powered systems in electric forklifts, offering a cleaner and more sustainable alternative. With the installation of on-site hydrogen infrastructure, including liquid hydrogen storage tanks and dispensers, the manufacturing campus will be equipped to support the transition to hydrogen-powered material handling equipment. This deployment of state-of-the-art green hydrogen ecosystem underscores Plug Power’s commitment to advancing sustainable solutions and promoting environmental stewardship.

This shift towards hydrogen-powered material handling equipment not only aligns with industry-wide efforts to improve sustainability but also positions the manufacturer as a leader in environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

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