The installation of a large-capacity liquid hydrogen tank by Southwest Research Institute will enable the organisation to advance its study into hydrogen energy.

Using the capabilities of the tank and an interdisciplinary research strategy, SwRI aims to investigate technological possibilities and address challenges associated with the study and development of hydrogen energy.

With a 17,000 gallon capacity, the SwRI’s liquid hydrogen storage tank will offer the Institute a dependable, affordable supply of hydrogen for its many different research projects. Formerly, the Institute used industrial compressed hydrogen trailers to power its hydrogen research.

In a variety of industries, including safety, hydrogen fuel cell research, hydrogen combustion, and hydrogen gas compressor research, SwRI has multidisciplinary teams devoted to hydrogen energy research activities.

Engineers and scientists at SwRI are presently examining prospects for hydrogen production, delivery, and safety while also examining the difficulties posed by hydrogen/natural gas mixtures. In other initiatives, hydrogen fuel is being investigated for use in transportation and energy production.

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