Hydromer hybrid diesel/hydrogen dredger arrives at Concarneau

The Hydromer, a hybrid diesel/hydrogen dredge developed by Piriou for the Occitanie Region, arrived in Concarneau on Wednesday. It will be delivered before the year is through.

This past Wednesday, the Hydromer made its way from Romania, where Piriou completed the initial phase of the construction. The second phase, which will take several months to complete, will take place at the shipyard’s Concarnois location.

A 70-meter vessel called the Hydromer was constructed for the Occitanie Region. a suction dredger used to preserve the Mediterranean port in the Gulf of Lion. One need in particular: it must have a hybrid propulsion system that combines hydrogen and diesel. He should be able to save up to 20% on diesel thanks to this.

Advent Technologies’ methanol fuel cell provides heating and cooling in new CHP offering

Advent Technologies Holdings launched the mobile SereneCHP 5kW system.

Powering a heat pump boosts efficiency in SereneCHP. SereneCHP can provide 13 thermal kW of heat or 10.5kW of cooling. The unit meets the immediate demands of logistical centres, mission-critical and defense activities, housing, and vital infrastructure in remote grid locations.

The SereneCHP fuel cell kit, which includes Advent’s SereneU 5kW unit, batteries, an inverter, and a fuel tank, uses easily available methanol as its hydrogen supply. The SereneCHP uses heat exchangers, heat pumps, and fuel cell exhaust to increase thermal capacity. The SereneCHP’s flexibility allows for greater electrical power when heat is underutilized and vice versa.

Depending on the customer’s location, SereneCHP offers several energy options. An add-on heat exchanger provides 3kW of heat and 3.5kW of electrical power without a heat pump in combined heat and power. This is perfect for rural and grid-challenged small and medium-sized buildings. Heat with power generating is another possibility. Serene fuel cell heat pumps generate 8kW of heat and 1.5kW of electricity. The fuel cell provides 10.5kW of cooling for off-grid and intermittent grid backup.

Advent’s fourth-generation product can operate independently 24/7 to provide primary energy, replacing diesel generators or hybridizing with other renewable energy sources. The SereneCHP helps users reach net zero by reducing CO2. SereneCHP also provides clean heat and electricity to underserved places. Methanol and biomethanol are easily transportable and can be used to quickly deploy the SereneCHP.

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