45-8 Energy releases hydrogen subsurface monitoring tool

In partnership with Solexperts, 45-8 Energy has released a loT tool for precise, long-term hydrogen monitoring in the subsurface.

According to the firms, SurfMoG H2 is the “most effective” loT technique for correctly and constantly tracking hydrogen over months in the subsurface.

With an electrochemical sensor for hydrogen readings up to 40,000 ppm (4%), it consists of an interchangeable gas analysis chamber.

Along with housing the sensor, battery, and communication system, it also has an inox probe that was specifically created to endure the restrictions of the subsurface. It also has a high-strength plastic cover that protects the antenna and ensures precise data transfer free from interference.

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power finalizes loan restructuring

A promissory note with a principle amount of $1,000,000 and an annual interest rate of 6.5% that is due on January 2, 2034 has been successfully restructured by Alkaline Fuel Cell Power, a diversified investment platform generating cleantech and inexpensive, reliable, and renewable energy assets.

According to a final agreement issued by the Company on March 4, 2022, the Promissory Note refers to the Company’s acquisition of the combined heat and power generation operations of AI Renewable 2018-I Limited Partnership, AI Renewable 2020 I-Limited Partnership, and 2191 Yonge Ltd.

The Company and AI Renewable GP 2020 entered into an agreement in connection with the Loan Restructuring, wherein the Company agreed to pay the Creditor a lump amount of CAD$350,000 and the Creditor agreed to postpone the Promissory Note’s maturity date until January 1, 2024.

In accordance with the Restructuring Agreement, the Corporation has committed to, among other things: I make the Initial Payment; and (ii) make monthly payments of CAD $10,000 to the Creditor beginning on January 1 of 2023.

Erflanden Hoogeveen homes could switch to hydrogen

Noorddreef, Blankvoorn, and Brasem homes in Erflanden Hoogeveen may be the first to switch to hydrogen. The city wants six to eighteen houses. Residents must consent.

Residents on the three streets will be asked to cooperate soon. The houses must be block-like to succeed. If not, or if the neighborhood doesn’t like it, the plans may be delayed.

Western Erflanden has the streets. Near Nijstad-planned East’s 100-home hydrogen neighborhood. A receiving station at NAM Ter Arlo will allow both districts to utilise hydrogen. The interchange is between the Nijstad recreation area and Erflanden.

Shanghai Petroleum provides hydrogen for city buses

On Shanghai Qingpu No. 20 bus line, two hydrogen energy buses were tested.

Shanghai Petroleum Qingwei Oil Hydrogen Joint Construction Station provided the hydrogen. Shanghai Petroleum is now giving urban buses hydrogen for the first time.

For more than 110,000 vehicle trips up to this point, Shanghai Petroleum has offered hydrogen refueling services for delivery trucks, business cars, and city buses.

Hydrogen Austria and H2 Austria join forces

The merging of “Hydrogen Austria” and “H2 Austria” was announced by Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) and Economy Minister Martin Kocher (VP) in advance of the first Austria-wide hydrogen summit. The Tyrolean location agency served as the umbrella for the debut of “Hydrogen Austria” around a year ago. Up to this point, 60 of Austria’s most significant firms have joined the new cluster network.

Gewessler also stressed the crucial role hydrogen plays in attaining carbon neutrality by 2040. Kocher appreciated the work that has been done thus far in the Tyrolean location agency’s cluster network. From its founding, “Hydrogen Austria,” a joint hydrogen cluster of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy and the State of Tyrol, has provided significant impetus for Austrian hydrogen operations.

Anglo has 600 MW of green hydrogen ready to go, CEO says

According to Duncan Wanblad, CEO of Anglo American, “all South African energy policy really does tend to be trending in a direction of time and space where it really is incentivizing the building out of renewable energy producing capacity in the country.”

On the use of green hydrogen, he stated that the hydrogen truck, which was introduced in May of last year as a prototype, has been in the Mogalakwena pit for a few months in a real production application.

According to a news release from Anglo, portfolio quality, diversity, and growth support contributed to underlying earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (Ebitda) of $14.5 billion last year.

The Woodsmith polyhylite project in the UK was impaired by $1.7 billion due to extended development schedule and budget, designed to deliver maximum returns over long life of asset; the Quellaveco copper mine in Peru commissioned on time and on budget; and profit attributable to equity shareholders of $4.5 billion; net debt of $6.9 billion; cash generation offset by investment in value-adding growth.

The $14.5 billion underlying EBITDA is a 30% drop from the record set in 2021 as a result of inflationary pressures, higher energy costs, and reduced production volumes that together increased Anglo American’s production costs despite lowered pricing for several of its products.

The mining Ebitda margin for 2022 was 47%, more than double the projected 15% through-the-cycle return on capital invested at 30%.

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