Toyota Tsusho Nexty Electronics Europe GmbH has struck a game-changing supply deal with Pepper Motion GmbH, heralding a new era in sustainable transportation.

The agreement, inked on August 31, 2023, brings Toyota’s cutting-edge fuel cell technology to the forefront of the commercial vehicle industry. This innovation perfectly aligns with the industry’s specific requirements, boasting a compact design coupled with unwavering robustness. This fuel cell marvel is tailor-made for 350-bar tank systems, designed for durability and exhibiting minimal maintenance needs.

Of paramount importance is its extended maintenance cycle, significantly slashing upkeep costs. Catering particularly to the demanding needs of long-range applications in coaches and heavy transport, this fuel cell technology emerges as an efficacious solution.

The star of the show is Toyota’s fuel cell, which now serves as the cornerstone for the hydrogen iteration of the pepper kit. This transformative technology is currently being harnessed in a fleet of 25 hydrogen trucks based on the Mercedes Benz Atego. The deployment is being spearheaded by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge.

Mr. Kakihara, President of Nexty Electronics Corporation, emphasized the role of this collaboration in advancing the cause of carbon neutrality. He stated, “The realization of Carbon Neutrality is one of the major issues facing society. We hope that this agreement will serve as a means to realize this goal, and we are pleased to be a part of this initiative by Pepper Motion.”

Collaborating with Pepper Motion, renowned for its prowess in developing innovative electric drive systems for commercial vehicles beyond 7.5 tons, is a significant step for Nexty Electronics Corporation.

Andreas Hager, Managing Director of Pepper Motion GmbH, stressed the alignment of this deal with their vision of achieving zero emissions and CO2 neutrality in the transport sector. Hager stated, “The contract with Toyota is another milestone on the way there and we are very happy to have Toyota, the market leader in the field of fuel cells, on board as a reliable supplier of cutting-edge technology in the commercial vehicle segment.”

This partnership between technological titans not only sets a new standard for commercial vehicles but accelerates the transition to a more sustainable future, one fuel cell at a time.

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