In an effort to deliver greener energy to the area, Xcel Energy has proposed to construct a clean energy hydrogen centre on the eastern plains.

As part of the Western Interstate Hydrogen Hub, the company presented a plan to the US Department of Energy for the construction of a sustainable hydrogen energy hub in Colorado. WISHH is a multi-state, interconnected hydrogen network that serves Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming with abundant, economically viable hydrogen. The project would be located somewhere on the eastern plains, but Xcel did not identify where it may be constructed in Colorado.

One of eight important projects in the WISHH concept is the hydrogen hub from Xcel Energy-Colorado. With its proximity to current and potential sources of renewable wind and solar energy, infrastructure for power plants, and geographical conditions that are conducive for underground hydrogen storage, the company’s “green hydrogen hub” initiative gives the WISHH proposal a tactical edge.

If approved, the application may result in a federal funding grant of $1.25 billion for the entire four-state region. If successful, the company’s project will reduce carbon emissions by more than 750,000 tonnes annually, assisting in the advancement of both the state of Colorado’s and Xcel Energy’s clean energy goals.

According to Xcel Energy, funding for clean hydrogen production infrastructure and equipment may total up to $1.8 billion over the course of ten years, which would cover 75% of all programme costs for the company’s hub-related expenses. In its capacity as a team member of WISHH, Xcel Energy is ready to carry out and finance its share of the project to develop and maintain safe, clean hydrogen infrastructure in the area.

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