$38 million for hydrokinetic turbine technology


The U.S. Department of Energy is giving up to $38 million in funding for a new advanced research projects agency-energy (ARPA-E) program, submarine hydrokinetic and riverine kilo-megawatt systems (SHARKS).

The program seeks to design economically attractive hydrokinetic turbines (HKT) for tidal and riverine currents.

Under secretary of energy Mark W. Menezes said: “America’s tidal and riverine currents remain a valuable resource for the generation of clean and reliable electricity.”

Development of efficient and economically attractive hydrokinetic turbine technologies could enable the U.S. to use those resources to diversify energy generation infrastructure and increase grid resiliency.

“The SHARKS program builds upon the foundation of previous ARPA-E programs focused on utilizing our nation’s natural resources to explore new ways to generate renewable power,” said ARPA-E director, Lane Genatowski.

The SHARKS program will develop HKT system designs while encouraging the application of control co-design (CCD), co-design (CD) and designing-for-OpEx (DFO) methodologies.

SHARKS will fund the development of new HKT designs that represent this challenge, including the development of new solutions for hydrodynamics, mechanical structures, materials, hydro-structural interactions, electrical energy conversion systems, control systems, numerical simulations and experimental validations.

Nedim Husomanovic

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