$9.7M for hydrogen technology development in Alberta

Ottawa has just invested over $10 million in Alberta’s emerging hydrogen industry.

The $9.7 million, according to government authorities, would be used to increase access to hydrogen technology, develop and test that technology, draw in investment, and create training.

At the facility of the Alberta Motor Transport Association at the airport of Edmonton, they made the news on Tuesday morning. A hydrogen fuel showcase was held in February with funding from the federal government totaling $3 million, which was shared between the AMTA and the University of Alberta.

According to AMTA president Willie Hamel, the event will give the heavy vehicle industry a chance to test hydrogen technology. On Highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary, test drives of hydrogen-diesel hybrid vehicles, as well as hydrogen-only trucks, are being planned.

“Instead of waiting for a demand from the members, it enables us to go and test this with them right away. When individuals can see the outcomes, it really helps with adoption “Hamel remarked.

That was deemed by him and his colleagues to be a crucial component in scaling Alberta’s hydrogen production.

By 2050, governments anticipate that the worldwide market for hydrogen would surpass $11 trillion.

According to Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, “We need to develop local demand here in order to unlock the potential.”

With an armored truck that runs 40% on hydrogen and 60% on diesel, a trucking company that specialized in carrying precious metals and other high-value commodities have already hopped on board.

The founder and CEO of VEXSL, Cole Fouillard, stated, “We are under the idea that as a venture-owned and operated organization, we have to put our best foot forward in making sure that we truly take action on our ESG story.

He drove the lawmakers in the truck during the news conference on Tuesday.

We are currently working to design all of our new trucks with the potential to run on hydrogen since “the future lies in hydrogen gas and hydrogen fuel.”

Two hydrogen projects will receive $3.74 million from Edmonton Global, the organization charged with boosting the economy of Alberta’s capital region. $3 million will go toward enhancing investment-attracting strategies, such as hosting the 2023 Canadian Hydrogen Convention, and the remaining $744,000 will be used to develop the supply chain and labor market.

The final $3 million in federal financing will go to C-FER Technologies, an Alberta Innovates affiliate. The company will test hydrogen products at two sizable testing facilities located in the nation’s capital.

“We’re considering adapting already-existing pipes to transport hydrogen and natural gas. Additionally, we’re considering subterranean hydrogen storage “Brian Wagg, director of corporate services at C-FER, gave an explanation.

“The funding is substantial. We must get brand-new equipment for everything. By creating these new testing systems, we will be challenging the world.”

Through Alberta Innovates’ Hydrogen Centre of Excellence, the provincial government of Alberta is also putting $3 million toward the project.

According to Dan Vandal, the federal minister in charge of PrairiesCan, or Prairies Economic Development Canada, which is providing federal funds, “what is happening in Edmonton is placing Canada as a supplier of choice to the globe for clean hydrogen and the technologies that use it.”

The investment is anticipated to generate more than 1,600 new jobs.

By 2050, the Canadian hydrogen strategy wants to provide 350,000 new jobs to the industry. The use of hydrogen in industrial operations, transportation, heating for homes and businesses, and power generation are all recommended by Alberta’s own hydrogen plan.

Canada exports hydrogen worth $200 million annually, according to the federal government.

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