Acceleware and Aurora Hydrogen secure $2M funding for hydrogen development

The Alberta Innovates Hydrogen Centre of Excellence has awarded Aurora Hydrogen $2 million as part of their “Advancing Hydrogen – Competition 1” program, according to Acceleware and Aurora Hydrogen.

Subject to the completion of specific agreements that are presently being worked on, the funds will be split evenly between Aurora and Acceleware to finance a cooperative development project incorporating radio frequency (RF) energy-powered methane pyrolysis.

Together, Aurora and Acceleware will work on the $5.5 million initiative to create a clean and scalable hydrogen production method, fostering a game-changing possibility for Canada’s energy industry. This project will take an innovative approach by using RF energy from Acceleware’s Clean Tech Inverter (CTI) to heat Aurora’s distinctive pyrolysis reactor. This research will complement Aurora’s current focus on the use of microwave energy in methane pyrolysis.

Due to the CTI’s extraordinarily high energy conversion efficiency and its capacity to rapidly and inexpensively scale up to 10 MW power levels, the project’s goal is to identify even better efficiency that might be attained above Aurora’s tested microwave-based reactor.

The project’s goal is to advance Aurora’s research and development of a very economical technique to transform natural gas into hydrogen at the point of consumption or in a dispersed way as an alternative to large-scale and expensive centralized hubs.

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