Author: Anela Dokso


Cipher Neutron anion exchange membrane electrolyser reaches record efficiency With regard to their anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzers, Cipher Neutron asserts that it has reached record efficiency. The Canadian startup’s method would significantly lower the price of green hydrogen, using only 41.75 kWh to produce one kilogram of hydrogen. Research on electrolyzers is now primarily concerned with enhancing their functionality. The aim is to minimize the expenses associated with the production of green hydrogen, including investment, maintenance, and operation. This can be achieved by accounting for the variability of power supply from renewable sources or by reducing electricity use. Green…

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Alpine’s Alpenglow Hy4 and the Road Ahead

The Alpenglow Hy4 concept by Alpine has captured the imagination of automotive enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. Debuting with a demonstration at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the hydrogen-powered concept car represents Alpine’s bold vision for the future of sports cars. But can this ambitious project become a reality by 2028?

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