Author: Anela Dokso

McPhy Energy and Atawey Finalize Sale of Hydrogen Charging Station Business

McPhy Energy has finalized the sale of its hydrogen charging station business to Atawey. This strategic transaction reflects the ongoing shifts and consolidations in the industry as companies seek to refine their focus and bolster their positions in the burgeoning hydrogen market. McPhy Energy, known for its low-carbon hydrogen production and distribution equipment, and Atawey, a specialist in hydrogen distribution, initially entered exclusive negotiations in December 2023. Following a binding offer from Atawey in February 2024 and subsequent agreements in April 2024, the sale was finalized. The transaction includes a fixed portion of €12 million, payable over 18 months, with…

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Hydrogen in Australia: Greenwashing or Genuine Future?

Australia has set its sights on becoming a global leader in hydrogen production, aiming to position itself as a renewable energy superpower. The Australian Government’s commitment to green hydrogen is clear, with plans to produce 500,000 tonnes per year by the 2040s. This target aligns with the current industrial hydrogen usage in the country, which is predominantly sourced from fossil fuels. The Commonwealth Government’s Hydrogen Production Tax Incentive (HPTI) aims to boost this sector with substantial subsidies. Yet, despite these initiatives, the projected numbers suggest only a modest increase in production. According to the government’s own budget, hydrogen production is…

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Sakhalin becames location of Russia’s first hydrogen testing ground The establishment of the hydrogen testing facility on Sakhalin yesterday will quicken Russia’s technological advancement. Pavel Sorokin, the Deputy Minister of Energy for the Russian Federation, made this claim on the ministry’s official YouTube channel. The first hydrogen complex in Russia has sprung up near Sakhalin, providing opportunity to advance several technological elements of hydrogen extraction.

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