Author: Anela Dokso


Hazer completes hydrogen challenge The Hazer Group, an Australian innovative technology company, has successfully completed a crucial milestone in the development of its commercial hydrogen plant by ending a 180-hour continuous ‘hot’ test. This significant achievement underscores the company’s commitment to advancing hydrogen production technologies and sets the stage for future commercial operations. NamX obtains dual-tank system patent The dual-tank system patent has been obtained by NamX, a French start-up that is developing a hydrogen-powered SUV for 2027. NamX demonstrated their hydrogen fuel cartridge technology when showcasing its SUV at the 2022 Paris Motor Show. a concept that Toyota and…

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COTA gets $22.8M grant for hydrogen buses The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) has been awarded a substantial $22.8 million grant aimed at advancing sustainable transportation in Columbus. This fund will facilitate the addition of new hydrogen fuel cell buses to its fleet, marking a significant step toward reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner energy sources. Sungrow Hydrogen takes top spot in China Sungrow Hydrogen has achieved a significant milestone by securing the first place in China’s hydrogen electrolyzer market share. This noteworthy accomplishment marks an important step in the company’s growth and the broader adoption of hydrogen as a…

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Hydrogen startup Ekona Power secures funding Ekona Power, a hydrogen startup based in British Columbia, has successfully secured $1 million in funding from the federal government. This significant financial boost aims to accelerate Ekona Power’s development of innovative hydrogen production technology. The funding comes from the Strategic Innovation Fund, a federal initiative designed to support companies that demonstrate high potential for innovation and economic growth. CityBus secures grant for hydrogen buses CityBus, the public transportation provider for the Greater Lafayette area, has received a significant financial boost. A recently awarded grant focuses on developing hydrogen fuel cell buses, marking a…

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