ACM allows experiments with hydrogen in residential area

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Grid operators and energy suppliers may soon start experimenting with hydrogen for heating houses.

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (ACM) will allow hydrogen pilot projects in the built environment if companies “properly guarantee the safety of projects” and comply with consumer protection rules.

The ACM is drawing up rules to make the trials possible, in anticipation of new legislation on the subject. “It is important for the energy transition that companies and consumers gain experience with the use of hydrogen. The starting point is that there is no difference for consumers between heating with hydrogen or natural gas,” says the ACM. The supplier must ensure that there is always a sufficient supply of hydrogen gas and it must be clear what the costs are for the consumer. In addition, the rates must be “reasonable”.

The consumer authority also indicates what should happen if a project is not successful. “For example, the grid operator must restore the situation before the pilot free of charge if the supply of hydrogen can no longer be guaranteed.” The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate is working on rules for the safety of hydrogen pilots.

Nedim Husomanovic

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