ACWA Power expresses interest in Moroccan green hydrogen

ACWA Power, a co-sponsor of the Ouarzazate Noor solar power plant, which is Morocco’s renewable energy showcase project, has expressed an interest in investigating additional hydrogen potential in Morocco.

The Saudi power generating and desalination expert already has a foothold in Morocco thanks to his work at the Nour facilities and the Halladi wind farm, and now he wants to increase that presence as the country develops its green hydrogen industry.

While the local green hydrogen industry is still in its infancy, ACWA Power sees tremendous potential in the North African market thanks to Morocco’s expanding renewable energy capacity and the country’s ambitions to become a regional hub for green hydrogen production.

Studies have demonstrated that Morocco has the capability of producing low-cost green hydrogen, however the country has not yet announced any major projects in this field.

While Morocco’s goal is to have 80% of its energy come from renewable sources by 2050, the country’s severe water shortage is threatening its green hydrogen production plans. Green hydrogen is produced through an electrolysis process that uses renewable energy to create carbon-free hydrogen from water.

In order to provide a steady supply of water for homes, businesses, and potential green hydrogen projects, Morocco is investing at desalination plants in Casablanca, Agadir, Safi, and Jorf Lasfare.

ACWA Power plans to build an integrated energy system in Morocco with the help of local partners and government agencies by investing in the country’s renewable energy, desalination, and clean hydrogen ecosystems.