AEG Power supplying H-Tec electrolysers with power

Image: AEG

AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power supply systems and solutions for industrial, critical infrastructure, and innovative power electronic applications, announced that H-TEC SYSTEMS has selected an AEG Power Solutions power package solution for the hydrogen production plant being constructed in Haurup, Schleswig-Holstein, by the renewable energy company “Energie des Nordens” (EdN).

The project’s objective was to maximize on-site wind energy output. This grid node generates a significant amount of extra wind energy. By including the electrolyser, each kilowatt generated may be utilized rather than shutting down the wind turbines. The newly built device, which has a nominal output of one megawatt, will feed up to three million kilowatt hours of extra wind energy into the gas network each year as hydrogen.

The plant contributes to the supply of Greenpeace Energy’s approximately 20,000 proWindgas clients. Greenpeace Energy is the majority shareholder in EdN. Additionally, it aids in grid stabilization. Renewable gas can be stored in the existing gas network and used to generate electricity in flexible gas-fired power stations located throughout Germany.

H-TEC SYSTEMS is installing a ME 450/1400 PEM electrolyser at the plant.

“H-TEC SYSTEMS containerized electrolysis process is very innovative and cost efficient”, explains Andreas Becker, Head of Grid & Storage business at AEG Power Solutions.”Our concept of flexible power supply modules matches closely this approach and we are very proud to be part of  the project at Haurup which is a very good example of how to optimize wind power generation through green hydrogen production.”

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