Aeromax and Center for Hydrogen Technologies work on hydrogen plant for consumer drones

Center for Hydrogen Technologies has been hired by Aeromax to create a domestic hydrogen power plant for consumer drones.

A hydrogen-air fuel cell-based electrochemical generator with a maximum output of 100 kW is intended to be built as part of the project.

The method is based on the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, which produces electrical energy. Such a facility should be capable of lifting a freight unmanned helicopter with a take-off weight of 750 kg into the air. This year will see the debut of the first prototypes.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) power plants are being built using techniques that have been used effectively in the automobile sector. Existing methods call for adjusting operation within the drone’s onboard power supply system’s voltage range. A power plant with cooling and control systems must be integrated inside the drone, among other advancements that will also be required.

Safety concerns and design solutions to lower the installation’s weight and size will need special consideration. An electrochemical generator must guarantee dependable performance under all conditions, including low temperatures. This is because the north of the country is where Aeromax unmanned helicopters are most frequently utilized for cargo transportation.

The design of the unit is carried out under the condition that domestic components be used first and in consideration of the presence of its own component base.

Work on research and development is planned to last a year. The SH-750 unmanned aerial vehicle will include the first prototypes in the summer, and the first UAVs with hydrogen fuel cells will conduct flight tests in the fall.

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