Air Liquide, Chevron, LyondellBasell, and Uniper team up on hydrogen and ammonia in US

The goal of the joint research being conducted by Air Liquide, Chevron, LyondellBasell, and Uniper SE is to assess and possibly progress the construction of a facility for producing hydrogen and ammonia in the US Gulf Coast.

The project might aid regional industrial decarbonization and transportation applications, improve clean ammonia exports, and contribute to an expansion in the global supply of lower carbon power.

The possible project is designed to encompass the entire energy value chain, employing the technical production know-how, operational experience, storage, distribution, and logistics of each member. The collaboration will provide capabilities and knowledge in the fields of petrochemicals, carbon capture and storage (CCS), lower carbon intensity and renewable natural gas, electrolysis-based technologies, and air separation technology.

To provide end-use sectors such the ammonia, petrochemicals, power, and mobility markets, the consortium will examine the possibilities for manufacturing hydrogen using natural gas with CCS and renewable hydrogen via electrolysis.

If the project is developed, it might take advantage of existing Gulf Coast advantages, such as pipeline infrastructure, to distribute low-carbon and renewable hydrogen to nearby industrial clusters. The infrastructure for ammonia could facilitate exports to both Europe and the Asia Pacific area.