Air Products and Gunvor to cooperate on green hydrogen import terminal in Rotterdam


A collaborative development contract for a Rotterdam import terminal has been signed by Air Products and Gunvor Petroleum Rotterdam. In order to satisfy climate goals and the need for energy source diversification, there is an increasing need for green energy sources. In 2026, the import terminal is anticipated to supply green hydrogen to the Netherlands.

Ecological Hydrogen Economy

The energy transformation needs green hydrogen. It has a great potential to decarbonize challenging industries and sectors like heavy-duty transportation. To create green hydrogen, a sizable amount of renewable energy is required. In order to meet the goals established under the European Union’s (EU) “Fit for 55” legislative package and REPowerEU, large-scale, green hydrogen imports are necessary because it is improbable that Europe would be able to produce these quantities domestically. The Netherlands would contribute significantly to EU energy transition goals with this initiative.

Significant Progress Milestones

The agreement’s signing is a significant step toward an investment decision that will be made as soon as the firms have more faith in the legal system, the permitting procedure, and the availability of money. To guarantee that the imported green ammonia and the produced green hydrogen are recognized and counted towards the EU renewable energy objectives, the green hydrogen must be certified. This initiative aspires to be acknowledged as a “Important Project of Common European Interest” in order to get funding support (IPCEI). In order to determine the wider assistance that is available for the project, Air Products looks forward to ongoing dialogue with the pertinent parties.

the entrance to Northwest Europe

One of the places in Europe where Air Products plans to build a green hydrogen import terminal is the Gunvor site in Europoort Rotterdam. It provides strategic access for obtaining green ammonia from large-scale green hydrogen production facilities run by Air Products and its partners from worldwide projects. The hydrogen created from the green ammonia will be supplied to markets in Europe, including those in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Both Air Products and Gunvor are dedicated to delivering world-class performance in personal and process safety, and both companies have a history of dependability and safety.

advantages for the Dutch economy

According to a separate estimate by CE Delft, the project will ultimately provide indirect economic benefits worth EUR 260–425 million, leading to the creation of thousands of additional employment over the ensuing years. By 2030, the decrease in other harmful pollutants and the savings in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for the transportation sector will result in a total environmental benefit of more than EUR 100 million.

President of Europe and Africa, Ivo Bols, said: “Together with our partner Gunvor, Air Products is excited to take the next step toward a green hydrogen import terminal in Rotterdam. Importing hydrogen is necessary to diversify our energy sources and achieve our climate goals. The biggest hydrogen producer in the world, Air Products, is dedicated to advancing the green hydrogen economy in Europe through initiatives like these first-mover programs. To prepare Rotterdam for green hydrogen imports, we look forward to working with Gunvor in the future.”

According to Shahb Richyal, Global Head of Portfolio at Gunvor, “Gunvor is pleased to be partnering with Air Products through Nyera, our investment vehicle dedicated to supporting the Energy Transition, in order to leverage strategic locations like our Rotterdam facility in a way that advances the development of sustainable and renewable energy initiatives.”

Port of Rotterdam CEO Allard Castelein: “The proposals by Air Products and Gunvor, which are a superb illustration of using a brownfield site to establish a new import terminal for green ammonia in the port of Rotterdam, have our full support. Both businesses have a long history of involvement in the energy industry and are reacting to societal demands to both boost Europe’s energy independence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Green ammonia is an essential renewable fuel for the shipping industry in addition to serving as a hydrogen transporter and a feedstock for the chemical industry. Such pioneering initiatives will elevate Rotterdam to the top Hydrogen Hub in Europe.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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