Air Products invests $500M in green hydrogen facility in New York

At a greenfield location in Massena, New York, Air Products aims to invest around $500 million to develop, own, and run a 35-metric-ton-per-day facility to manufacture green liquid hydrogen in addition to liquid hydrogen distribution and dispensing activities. This facility’s commercial operation is anticipated to start in 2026–2027.

The New York Electricity Authority (NYPA) board gave its blessing to this Air Products project in July 2022, approving 94 MW of cheap St. Lawrence hydroelectric power in exchange for the company’s sizeable investment and the development of 90 jobs in New York State. The Governor of New York State, Kathy Hochul, declared in March 2022 her intention for the state to become a Regional Clean Energy Hydrogen Hub. The intentions of New York for a hydrogen hub directly assist with the objectives of the State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

According to Air Products, the market demand justifies the investment in the project, supposing that it would be eligible for the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) benefits and other local, state, and federal incentives that are expected in the current project budget.

In addition to this announced facility, Air Products is also looking at the viability of constructing a network of hydrogen fuelling stations in the northeastern United States, including the capacity to supply Air Products’ truck fleet. Air Products has made plans to replace its approximately 2,000 trucks with zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

The facility’s low-carbon intensity liquid hydrogen product is anticipated to be marketed to the New York State mobility market as well as other possible northeast industrial customers.