Airbus, Uniper, Siemens Energy, and Sasol EcoFT to build a facility for SAF and green hydrogen production


Under the name “Green Fuels Hamburg,” Airbus, Uniper, Siemens Energy, and Sasol EcoFT intend to construct a manufacturing facility for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and green hydrogen in the southern part of Hamburg.

A sustainable aviation fuel manufacturing facility will be established in Hamburg (SAF). In the south-east of the city, a group led by the energy provider Uniper, Siemens Energy, Airbus, and the chemical and energy firm Sasol EcoFT wants to build production facilities, according to statements made on Thursday by independent and green senators Michael Westhagemann and Jens Kerstan on economics and the environment.

As a result, a large electrolysis facility will be constructed in the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial region to produce green hydrogen using offshore wind energy.

In a second facility, starting in 2026, synthetically manufactured so-called power-to-liquid kerosene (PTL) will be made from green hydrogen.

The factory must generate at least 10,000 tons of SAF annually during its initial stage of growth. PTL kerosene already possesses an aviation fuel certification.

Due to its closeness to the coastal wind farms and its status as one of the world’s top aviation hubs, Hamburg provides the project with the finest circumstances. Future climate-neutral air traffic requires initiatives like “Green Fuels Hamburg” on a global scale to advance manufacturing, according to Westhageman.

Kerstan stressed the need for Hamburg to take all necessary precautions to safeguard citizens from the effects of climate change. “Green hydrogen in particular and synthetic energy sources based on it would play a vital role” in the decarbonization process.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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