Alaskan Port shows potential for hydrogen bunkers


According to recent research, hydrogen-powered ships might result in a significant and varied demand for liquid hydrogen (LH2) in ports in Alaska’s the Aleutian Islands.

The working paper from the International Council for Clean Transportation states that “the advantageous location, large latent demand, and untapped renewable energy potential in Alaska make this a unique opportunity for investment” (ICCT).

According to the research, there is a latent demand of around 10,000 metric tons per year in the Aleutian port of Dutch Harbour, with a market worth of $39 million (assuming 2035 prices).

The majority of this would be from fishing vessels, whose energy consumption is more than the first thought necessary to fulfill hydraulic and refrigeration loads.

Potential demand might increase to up to 260,000 mt, valued at $1 billion, under a medium-volume scenario when demand from oceangoing boats diverting to Aleutian ports is taken into account as part of a developed hydrogen network.

With investment in LH2 bunkering infrastructure to lock in shipping demand, this market may increase to $1.6 billion under the best-case scenario for “early movers.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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