Alberta HCOE awarding $20M to 18 hydrogen technology projects

With its first funding competition, the Alberta Hydrogen Centre of Excellence (HCOE) is awarding $20M to 18 successful projects to foster hydrogen technology.

The projected Bremner 100% Hydrogen Village in Strathcona County, Alberta, is one of the successful initiatives. In order to safely and affordably develop 100% pure hydrogen communities, ATCO and Qualico are investigating the logistics, technological requirements, and other factors involved. This is an important step toward eradicating carbon emissions that are produced when we heat our homes and use hot water.

The outcomes will show that this community is feasible and help with its design. Bremner, the newest town in Sherwood Park, will eventually be home to 85,000 people as well as commercial and industrial businesses. It will be a first for Canada and the largest project of its sort on a global scale.

Other competition-winning initiatives will look at the secure and efficient use of pipelines for the transportation of hydrogen. Another project will examine the dual-fuel conversion of heavy-duty long-haul trucks. Projects will cover a wide range of topics, including hydrogen production, transport, distribution, and storage, as well as final applications.

Alberta Innovates will provide funding for projects that focus on developing and deploying hydrogen-focused technologies, as well as creating a self-sufficient and sustainable clean hydrogen economy in Alberta and strengthening Alberta’s technological leadership in the deployment of clean hydrogen technologies.

18 project proposals worth more than $20 million out of a total of 68 received were chosen to proceed forward. The successful projects will receive funding from the HCOE up to 50% of eligible expenditures, or up to 75% of eligible costs for projects run by post-secondary institutions or those having a large Indigenous component. When project partners’ matching investments are included, the total value of the sponsored initiatives exceeds $200 million. Projects have 24 months to finish the work they have planned.

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