Alfa Laval introduces AlfaNova GL50 – first heat exchanger for fuel cell systems

The first heat exchanger created exclusively for fuel cell systems, the AlfaNova GL50, has been unveiled by Alfa Laval.

Asymmetric gas-to-liquid plate heat exchanger, the new AlfaNova GL50 is composed entirely of stainless steel. It performs admirably while handling gas flows up to 250 m3/h and intake gas temperatures up to 750°C. In addition to applications like waste heat recovery, biogas post-treatment, and cooling of hydrogen from electrolyzers, this makes it the best option for fuel cell systems.

“More and more carbon-neutral fuels are being created through power-to-X processes. Fuel cells provide X-to-power conversion without combustion,” says Malgorzata Moczynska, President, Business Unit Brazed & Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers. “To get the most out of these fuels, you must minimize energy losses at every step. This is the role of the AlfaNova GL50 heat exchanger – it helps fuel cell manufacturers achieve full system potential. It’s all part of our efforts to accelerate decarbonization.”

Alfa Laval is dedicated to helping carbon-neutral energy technologies be scaled up and made widely available. The business provides a wide variety of technologies that are useful for applications all throughout the hydrogen value chain, including those used by fuel cell manufacturers. AlfaNova GL50’s introduction shows a sharper focus on fuel cell requirements.

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