Alfa Laval to supply heat exchangers for NEOM

Alfa Laval has signed a contract to deliver compact heat exchangers to what is reportedly the largest hydrogen plant in the world, which is being built in the Middle East.

The facility will be a component of Neom, a city that was created from the ground up in the northwest desert with the goal of creating a new paradigm for sustainable living.

Alfa Laval will provide plate heat exchangers as part of the agreement, which will assist reduce the extra heat produced when water is divided into hydrogen and oxygen.

The green hydrogen manufacturing facility will employ nearly half of the 4 GW of renewable energy that Neom’s location and infrastructure will enable the development of.

With 650 tons of hydrogen produced each day, it will be the largest green hydrogen plant and the first gigawatt-sized installation. From there, 1.2 million tons of green ammonia will be produced annually.