Amazon invests in hydrogen startup from Dresden

The German developer and manufacturer of electrolyzers has received the first investment from Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund for a green hydrogen company based in the EU.

Amazon’s dedicated investment program encourages visionary businesses that will expedite its path to carbon neutrality.

“We are proud to welcome one of the most successful companies in the world as our investor. It’s a great recognition to be the first EU-based green hydrogen company to receive investment from Amazon. We are excited to work together toward a more sustainable future,” says Sunfire CEO Nils Aldag.

Sunfire is the market leader in industrial electrolyzers worldwide. The company is highly skilled in the design and production of systems for producing green hydrogen from water and renewable electricity. The clean gas is vital for decarbonizing sectors that are difficult to electrify, such as aviation, steelmaking, long-distance haulage, and chemical industry.

Electrolyzers are still in short supply, despite the pressing demand for green hydrogen to decarbonize. Few businesses are capable of manufacturing systems on an industrial scale. Sunfire is a market leader with a staff of 400 specialists and a track record of more than 70 completed projects.

The company is currently boosting its production capacity from megawatts to gigawatts, supplying large-scale hydrogen producing systems to significant industrial players. Amazon’s funding bolsters Sunfire’s expansion strategies.

“Amazon is committed to being net-zero carbon across our operations by 2040. In pursuit of that commitment, we are proud to be investing in visionary companies like Sunfire through our Climate Pledge fund,” said Kara Hurst, Vice President for Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon. “Green hydrogen is an especially important piece of the clean energy puzzle in Europe, and Sunfire’s innovative products can help scale its production across the continent.”

Sunfire obtains additional funding for the industrialization of its hydrogen technologies with the investment. The German electrolyzer manufacturer just finished a €195 million Series D financing this April. Sunfire will also get grant financing through the “Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI)” program.