Amp Energy India and Ohmium to produce 400MW of green hydrogen

The green hydrogen firm Ohmium International and the renewable energy company Amp Energy India will work together to produce 400 MW of green hydrogen, the firms said today. The installations of the deployments, which are intended for mid-sized commercial and industrial (C&I) projects of 25MW or less, are scheduled to take place during the following three years.

According to Pinaki Bhattacharya, MD & CEO of Amp Energy India, “This partnership with Ohmium, which has a cutting-edge manufacturing plant in India, will enable us to extend our business offerings to consumers by giving them a one-stop shop for green energy and hydrogen in India.”

The portfolio of Amp Energy India totals more than 2GW and is distributed throughout 15 states in the nation.

As a result of the company’s portfolio of C&I and utility clients, it is able to offer clean and green energy solutions to 60+ clients across ten different industries, including the pharmaceutical, automotive, cement, steel, heavy engineering, infrastructure, FMCG, educational institutions, IT & data centers, utilities, and government agencies.

Amp Energy India is affiliated with the Amp Energy Group, which is present internationally in important markets for renewable energy, including the US, Canada, India, Japan, Spain, and Australia.

Arne Ballantine, CEO of Ohmium International, stated, “We look forward to demonstrating how our modular, high-volume, low-cost PEM electrolyzers can be implemented successfully and function for mid-sized companies.

Ohmium is based in the United States, although the company has operations all around the world and manufactures its products in India.