Ampcontrol, LAVO and Boundary Power collaborate on hydrogen in Australia

Ampcontrol has signed new strategic cooperation and collaboration agreement with LAVO, an emerging hydrogen firm, and Boundary Power, a standalone power system company.

The collaboration deal between the three forward-thinking Australian enterprises is intended to bring a variety of solutions to regional and remote power customers, as well as data centers and other energy-intensive industries. The parties will also collaborate over the next two years to identify the usage of LAVO’s hydrogen storage technologies and other zero-carbon products in various demonstration sites.

Potential applications include:

  • Standalone hybrid power supplies
  • Containerised solutions for small and utility scale wind and solar projects
  • Packaged power and battery solutions for data centres, industrial and mining applications.

“LAVO’s hydrogen storage technology is ideally suited for integration with remote standalone power systems and for other containerised and mobile power solutions. We’re thrilled to be working with Ampcontrol and Boundary Power to explore the options for wider use of our products.”

Alan Yu, LAVO’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Ampcontrol has a long history in the development of innovative products and Boundary Power possesses industry leading experience in utility-grade stand-alone power solutions. Our partnership with LAVO is the continuation of our commitment to finding the best solutions to the energy challenges facing remote areas and energy intensive industries.”

Ampcontrol CEO and Boundary Power Director Rod Henderson.