And the €80M green hydrogen plant goes to… Almeria!


The GranSolar firm intends to build an 80 million euro green hydrogen plant near Almeria’s capital.

The company plans to join the green hydrogen revolution by producing hydrogen fuel using solar energy and seawater.

The company claims to be “environmentally conscious.” The initiative would also benefit the local economy by creating over 200 employment throughout the construction phase. To maintain the hydrogen factory working once it’s up and running, 42 people will be needed. Three shifts of 12 operators and six skilled workers would be required at the plant.

The plans were presented to the European Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience funding by the company. According to Cinco Dias, the project has an astonishing budget of 80.5 million euros and will be located in Almeria’s city.

The plant’s hydrogen fuel, made from solar energy and seawater, would mostly be used in fuel cell electric automobiles. The hydrogen would be available at the city’s port and would mostly be used for public transportation, city-based services such as cleaning trucks, and goods transportation. In the agri-food and industrial sectors, hydrogen fuel would also be used to power cold warehouses and ovens.

The market price for hydrogen from renewable sources is 10 euros per kilo, while the price from non-renewable resources is closer to 2 euros per kilo.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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