ANDE and Neogreen Hydrogen Corporation ink 75 MW deal

ANDE and Neogreen Hydrogen Corporation inked a 75-MW contract for connection and electricity supply services for the industrial plant in Presidente Franco, Alto ParanĂ¡.

by After the first feasibility assessment (Phase I), the smaller-scale initiative will focus on green hydrogen delivery for Paraguayan industrial users. This requires 10–75 MW of electrical energy. A second feasibility study (Phase II) will require 225 MW. They estimated 300 MW, half of an Itaipu generating unit’s 700 MW.

The contract governs the provision of connection service and electrical energy to Neogreen Hydrogen Corporation in Very High Voltage (220,000 volts) in compliance with Law No. 966/64 and the current Price List.

All technical terms and expressions between ANDE and the aforementioned company have the meaning set in Chapter 3 – Definitions of the Tariff Schedule No. 21, approved by Decree No. 6,904 of the Executive Power of the Nation, dated March 10, 2017, in force and the one that replaces it during the contract.

They confirm that Neogreen Hydrogen Corporation’s supply rate matches Category 620 Very High Voltage of Tariff Sheet No. 21 or its successor and meets current commercial standards.

They note that the Canadian corporation must react to any tariff structure, timetable, or regulation changes. Welders, assemblers, instrumentalists, electricians, painters, insulators, civil works, masons, and others will be needed to build and operate the facilities.

The project will also create 7,500 indirect jobs in transportation, food, manufacturing metal structures, tanks, containers, concrete and civil construction materials, roofing, painting, architectural finishes, security, commercial, and logistics. They also claim that specialized plant maintenance will employ 1,000 people every 18 months and create a service industry to satisfy new requirements. either to supply spare parts, represent, and maintain spinning, automation, and power equipment.

The plant will need 250 highly qualified operators, supervisors, and maintenance workers to improve the area’s quality of life. The plant will produce 30% of Paraguay’s nitrogen needs, ensuring agricultural security and productive sovereignty.

Finally, Paraguay will be at the forefront of energy transformation with high-tech hydrogen production and fertilizer conversion, attracting other business opportunities and possible downstream chain development from ANDE.

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