ANEMEL gets funding to produce green hydrogen from saltwater


Green hydrogen may be produced from low-quality water sources like saltwater and wastewater, and this is the goal of ANEMEL, a new project supported by the European Innovation Council.

ANEMEL will spend about €5 million over the next four years to develop efficient electrolysers and speed up the design of prototypes. Of this sum, €2.96 million comes from the EIC. As a whole, the project will speed up the process of bringing the technology to market and using it to its full potential.

Knowledge in membranes and electrolysers will be gathered by ANEMEL, with the end result being a prototype that can produce green hydrogen from low-quality water with minimal treatment. The recovered oxygen may also have use in water filtration and treatment. ANEMEL’s membrane designs will instead make use of plentiful metals like nickel and iron rather than rare and harmful ones like poly-fluorinated compounds. All of this will make electrolyser parts cheaper to produce and more easily recyclable, which will cut down on waste and give your business an edge.

Anela Dokso

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