Angeles Link hydrogen project boosts California’s renewable energy ambitions

When the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) granted SoCalGas’ request to track expenses for the first stage of the Angeles Link project, it represented a significant step toward the state’s 100% renewable energy ambitions.

A green hydrogen pipeline system called Angeles Link provides the Los Angeles area with an alternate source of energy. The idea was proposed by SoCalGas in February. In order to provide renewable energy as a substitute for finite fossil fuels, green hydrogen includes turning hydrogen gas into electricity or fuel.

According to the SoCalGas, the Angeles Link project intends to boost the economy, create union jobs, enable up to four natural gas power plants to run on hydrogen, remove nearly 3 million cars’ worth of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide from the air, and all of the above.

Phase one would examine early engineering scoping and set up a procedure for public involvement. It’ll take between 12 and 18 months. In phase two, engineering will be expanded upon and potential infrastructure locations will be reduced. During phase three, more thorough engineering planning will be done before requesting a Certificate for Public Convenience and Necessity. The infrastructure can be built thanks to this certificate.